Military Parades

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Military Parades

Post by Argenas on Wed Jul 20, 2016 9:46 am

The military games were succesful! With no structural damage done to civilian buildings or farms, the team A won barely against team B in an epic fight done in Antofagasta, where team B was pushed back to, and surrounded, after a series of simulated naval bombardmentes and air raids, team A was able to destroy team B's last artillery posts, and with a last effort team B tried to push back to the nearest city of tocopilla using their last resources, but team A had more numbers and more anti-air guns, being able to destroy their transports and "killing" the remaining members of team B. After this exercise the whole military will be doing parades all across our country, and after that will do 1 week of extreme exercises, they will only sleep 5 hours a day, and eat 1/3 of the calories needed to remain alive. After the parades and the military exercises they will remain to regular activities on the 7/26/2016.


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