Military Size Determination

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Military Size Determination

Post by Byrd Land on Fri Jun 03, 2016 8:38 am

Your military size is based like this:
0-10% military portion budget=.10% of your population
10.1-20% military portion of budget=.20% of your population
20.1-30% military portion of budget=.30% of your population
30.1-40% military portion of budget=.40% of your population
40.1-50% military portion of budget=.50% of your population
50.1-60% military portion of budget=.60% of your population
60.1-70% military portion of budget=.70% of your population
70.1-80% military portion of budget=.80% of your population
80.1-90% military portion of budget=.90% of your population
90.1-100% military portion of budget=1.00% of your population
(Vehicle Amount=.05% of Troops)
(Special(exceptionally large and, or expensive) Vehicle Amount=.005% of Troops)
(Due to RPS (Check General Rules) No Bombs)

(For Example: Lets say you have a military budget of 32.9% that would mean the amount of troops you would have would be .4% of your total population, lets say your pop. is 5,000,000, by simply typing .4% of 5,000,000 you can determine you have 20,000 Troops, from there to determine lets say how many Battleships your allowed you would do .05% of 20,000 which would be 10. This is the general rule but there are 2 exceptions, Aircraft Carriers and Cargo Planes, The way to determine how many of those your allowed is .005% of the amount of troops you have, so in the case of 20,000 troops you would have 1 of each, if you would have a decimal, put *Under Construction*)
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