Phillippeland Expands into Straight of Magellan

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Phillippeland Expands into Straight of Magellan

Post by pcbreault00 on Thu Dec 01, 2016 6:31 pm

Due to the fact that Phillippeland will refuse to use the Panama Canal and with constant threats from Mish Island to conquer Phillippeland, Prime Minister Breault sent his best scholars to find alternate route around the continent without actually taking over the entire continent. They found an old document about Stairt of Magellan and how it was used by ancient sailors to get around the world. Our mep experts determined that it would take an 8960 trip to reach the Stairt of Magellan and about 21.5 hours to reach land so at around 1600 hours EST on 12/02/2016 100 Phillippeland Naval ships will arrive and begin constructing a military fort on the island  

Updated Map:

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