Thachi Migration and Colonization

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Thachi Migration and Colonization

Post by Thachi on Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:28 pm

A new trend has been arising in the nation of Thachi, people have begun moving south quickly. Currently much of the population is heavily centered in the north, around Walzton and other large cities. It has become very dense and people have begun moving out in search of new land to own, seeking adventure in the south. Population Density Map: ( ) Others have, with the approval and some funding from the government, gone off to seek real adventure, and have recently landed on the island known as Cuba, and set up small posts. This is the first step of a three step process defined by the government for colonizing Cuba:

First Step: ( )
Early Pioneers and thrill seekers land and set up small towns and start laying a foundation for future colonization.

Second Step: ( )
A large flow of people start coming to get a new life, from all over, not just Thachi. More land is settled and technology starts to get shipped and set up.

Third Step: ( )
The migration waves slows, and the last of the island gets colonized. The island will look similar to towns back in the south, not overly populated but has all the necessities and sustainability. This is also when the government will give the go-ahead to Paradise Thachi , one of the leading tourism companies, who has bought a small island off the coast of Cuba to turn into a mega-resort, where many Thachians and tourists alike will be able to spend a breathtaking vacation. Paradise Thachi will also have limited residences for sale on the south-western coast, the cheapest start at 100 Million Chrysoes. You will know only the richest people, Thachian or not, will own a house on this island, Paradisus in Insula.


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