North Diomede Expedition, Code: (RUS311911)

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North Diomede Expedition, Code: (RUS311911)

Post by North Diomede on Sat Oct 22, 2016 6:30 pm

I, North Diomede, Offically announce my expedition on the Continent of Asia located at the north east corner of the Continent, for better description note image 1.2. For Original borders not image 1.1.




    Entry 72: I see the rocky shores ahead will be docking shortly My Lord, I have my crew on standby(Note image 1.3)
    Update 72.1: We've landed and begun our expedition. So far we've seen not much but the Siberian waste and some scattered wild life, all in all you should send some civilians over tomorrow to begin the colonization.

North Diomede

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