General RolePlay Rules

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General RolePlay Rules

Post by Byrd Land on Thu May 26, 2016 4:39 pm

RolePlay means to act and speak as if you are the character you're portraying.
To keep people in their roles all the time there's a specific set of rules every RPG has.

First we need to introduce two main concepts of RolePlay:
1. In Character(IC) - when you are actively acting and speaking as the character you chose to portray in your RolePlay.
2. Out of Character(OOC) - when you are speaking as a real person because you want to ask/say something that isn't part of the RP.
Do not mix those two up.
Mixing those two up is commonly know as MetaGaming(MG) in RP Games but we will not enforce rules like that because I hope we will not mix it up.
A rule I will enforce though is the RolePlay Superman(RPS) - when you are acting like nobody can do anything to you and you are the best, strongest, smartest... You are NOT perfect!
Another similar rule that I will enforce is PowerGaming(PG) - when you don't give a chance to your RP friend/enemy to respond to your actions. If you are declaring war on another nation and you invade them, you can't choose how many soldiers he looses. You both do that through fair RolePlay.
You should also restrain from Lorebreaking - when you do not keep to your character's (or in this instance, nation's) story and lore. If you are a Republic you can't have a king (that's obvious but try and don't contradict your nation's laws and previous actions)

That's basically it, keep it fun and friendly and we should all be okay!
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