Argenas Second Expansion

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Argenas Second Expansion

Post by Argenas on Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:03 am

With our population constantly growing and in need for resources, Argenas has decided to launch another major expansion, we have not much knowledge about the place we are going to conquer, but we know it has gold mines and has an advanced civlization living in it, we plan to make this civilization work for us, and we are going to learn from their archeology and history. The main expedition is going to consist of 1350000 soldiers, letting 3 million soldiers stay at home defending us, after we conquer it we are going to have our forces equally spread accross all our territory, but there WILL be more forces on our borders and on concentration camps for the exploited tribes that are going to work on our camps and fertile land.

Update 1: Our expedition is doing really well so far, we have found agricultural land, some gold mines like we thought there would be, but also a hostile advanced civlization like we predicted there would be. They will be taken care of at the end of our expedition and colonization, but so far we aren't releasing any maps or detailed information, we don't want the IOPNT to slow down our conquest procedures.

Update 2: The tribes are already being taken care of and their members being taken to concentration camps to work for Argenas, the remaining forces are already cut off thin, with our new bombers we have been able to destroy most of their food supplies and their old villages which will be replaced by our cities.

Update 3: We have colonized the land and have sent all remaining tribes to our coencetration camps in Argentina and Peru.

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Re: Argenas Second Expansion

Post by Byrd Land on Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:19 am

The great country of Byrd Land regrets to inform your populace and wonderful country that it should make this its last expansion as we need plenty of room on the map for newcomers, that was one of the reasons my last region fell apart. Razz
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