[ENDED] Argentina Expedition for Argenas

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[ENDED] Argentina Expedition for Argenas

Post by Argenas on Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:07 pm

Black: Planned Expedition Area

This is the post where I will be updating the expedition sent to Argentina from Argenas, we will first move in 100,000 men in, then when we think it is worth it to annex it, we will be moving 500,000 volunteered citizens and 900,000 more men to secure the area, 1.5 million men will stay at the Chilean region and 1 Million men will move to Argentina. (Expedition finished on 16/7/2016)

Update: We have finished exploring the territory, and have encountered some hostile tribes and hotspots with resources, in the following days we will be extracting resources, and get rid of the hostile tribes, and make them slaves to work for us.

The light green means farm and cattle farming land, the dark red oil spots, the yellow means regular areas to place cities in, and has nothing specifically of value, but does have some old copper storages left from apparently ancient civilizations, we will be spending some money on doing research on all the structures we find to learn more about these ancient people. The regular red just means where hostiles tribes, and will be attacked and exploited in the following weeks. If they refuse to comply, we will exile them or execute them in place, we have also found fishing hotspots on the orange areas marked on the map, we would appreciate that in the following weeks (7/16/2016), the territory will be considered as annexed and be part of The Dictatorship of Argenas.

Second Update:

The UAOTW has recognised the scouted territory as official Argenian territory on the 7/14/2016, 2 weeks earliers than expected (2 days), the northern tribe has accepted to go into exile and some of them are even willingly working for us, the other tribe, on the other hand, has refused to comply, and we had to burn down their villages and kill their people, the survivors now work on our oil rigs and farms, while some other pacific tribes are teaching us their more efficient fishing methods, this is a great day for Argenas.


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