Detailed RP Rules

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Detailed RP Rules

Post by Byrd Land on Thu May 26, 2016 4:38 pm

Diplomacy Rules:
- To start having diplomatic relations with another nations you have to build an embassy in their nation. This is done by sending a telegram to a nation asking it if you can build an embassy and then opening a new topic in "Diplomacy" named "[Nation]'s Embassies" where you can list where you have your embassies.
- Possible diplomatic relations between two nations are:
1. Trade
2. Defensive Pact (protect each other, don't go to each other's wars)
3. Trade+Defensive Pact (Numbers 1+2)
4. Military Alliance (can go to each other's wars)
5. Alliance (all of the above)
6. Overlord-Client State relation (One nation is the overlord and the other is his client state. Often happens after wars)
- Possible diplomatic relations between multiple nations are:
1. Regional (like European Union)
2. Business/Free trade (lesser trade restrictions are just free trade) (like BRICS)
3. Defensive (you defend each other) (like NATO)
4. Coalition (against another nation) (like NATO in Cold War was a coalition against Russia and it's allies)
- You can have custom relations but you need to explain them to me first so I can approve the "realism" of them.

War Rules:
- To start a war against a nation you have to have a Casus Belli (basically a reason for war)
- Some of the acceptable reasons for war:
1. You have a claim on the other nation's land
2. The other nation is breaking the law of war
3. The other nation has expanded too much and you feel very threatened by it's expansionism.
- There are other acceptable reasons, but you need to ask me first so I can approve it.
- You must formally declare the war in the RMB and in the RP Forum unless you want to break the law of war(which would give everyone a reason to attack you)
- Use this site to determine your army size
- Just try and be realistic. If I spot someone is being unrealistic I will revert their actions.

Transportation Rules:
- To calculate how far your travel is use this website,
1. You can go 10,000 Miles a Real Life Day (RP Time is faster) by Sea
2. You can go 5,000 Miles a Real Life Day (RP Time is faster) by Air
3. You can go 2,500 Miles a Real Life Day (RP Time is faster) by Ground
- Re-Fueling has been considered but would cause to many problems RP wise and is therefore not an issue
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